Were You Injured By A Defective Or Dangerous Product?

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As consumers, we trust that the products we purchase from reputable vendors will be safe for use. But far too often, designers, manufacturers and retailers fail to take the necessary precautions to keep products safe for consumers. If you have been hurt in an accident involving a defective product, make sure you work with an attorney who has the experience and tenacity to go against these corporate giants and succeed.

At the Law Offices of Eslamboly Hakim, we represent clients in Los Angeles, Riverside and San Bernardino counties in product liability and other personal injury claims. Our product liability lawyers have more than 23 years of combined legal experience and a track record of successful verdicts and settlements. We leverage this experience and knowledge to protect our clients' interests against major corporations and insurance companies. Whether you have suffered minor injuries, catastrophic injuries or the wrongful death of a loved one, we will do whatever it takes to help you obtain the best compensation award possible.

About Product Liability Claims

Defective products claims have three main causes:

  • Design defects: This is when the design has some inherent flaw that causes unnecessary danger in the product. If there is an obvious engineering error or design element that could have easily been altered to make the product safer, there could be a design defect claim.
  • Manufacturing defects: Manufacturing defects occur when the design is fine, but some aspect of the manufacturing process introduced elements to the product that make it unsafe. In some cases, a manufacturer chooses different, less safe materials to build a product to save production costs. In other cases, individual production workers will cut corners or simply make mistakes that create unnecessarily unsafe features.
  • Failure to warn: Manufacturers and retailers have an obligation to warn users of unsafe features in their products. In too many cases, buyers suffer serious injuries simply because they were not given adequate warning of the dangers involved.

Depending on the circumstances, even if you were not using the product correctly when you were injured, you could still have a claim. If you have been injured by a product of any kind, a lawyer from our firm can help you understand your rights and options, determine whether you have a viable claim, and fight for your right to full and fair compensation.

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